Good Medication Management gives Peace of Mind

Many people face daily routines of taking numbers of pills and capsules in the right combinations, at the right time. "One in two older people fail to take their medications as prescribed, meaning they don't get the life saving benefits from them or suffer unnecessary side effects. And all this is easily preventable," says pharmacist Gerard Stevens of Metropolitan Pharmacy Services, Leichhardt, Sydney.

Safe and simple, Webster-pak® sets out all tablets and capsules that need taking at each particular time of the day, for each day of the week - making it easy to manage medication. The pharmacist takes the doctor's prescriptions and dispenses the medication into a securely sealed blister pack, protecting the medication - reducing the potential of spills or medication errors.

The pack lists all contents plus other medications taken, providing vital information for hospital or ambulance staff in the case of an emergency. At medication time, the person or carer simply pushes out the blister's contents through the foil backing, for the correct time on the correct day. Webster-pak provides a visual cue, so you always know where you are up to.

Webster-pak - why it works so well

  • A visible reminder to take medication.

  • Easy to see if medication has been taken or not.

  • Sealed and secure to prevent spills or medication errors.

  • Suitable for all age groups.

  • Professional service from your pharmacist.

  • Convenient and portable.

  • Peace of mind to relatives, care workers and loved ones.

  • Value for money.

Webstercare® also makes high-contrast packs for those with low vision, bilingual packs with translated dosage times and packs for children, travellers and those with disabilities. Webster-pak options enable many people to enjoy a better quality of life by living independently while managing their own medication.