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WORLD PHARMACIST DAY - 25th September 2018

Why trust is important on World Pharmacist Day

Trust is a powerful concept about confidence and reliability; about having enough confidence in someone or something to be able to rely on them to deliver a helpful outcome when you need it.

For pharmacists the concept of trust is crucial to both how consumers respond to what their pharmacy offers them and, more broadly, the long-term future of our noble profession.

For me there’s no secret as to why we pharmacists maintain a high level of community trust in the various surveys that rate jobs and professions each year. Health consumers have come to trust the level of knowledge that pharmacists possess and our commitment to using it for their benefit.

So medication knowledge and its perceived value is at the heart of what has become a social contract with the communities we care for.

And the Trust Surveys demonstrate that we’ve been successful: the community holds the broad view that they can expect consistent, knowledge-based delivery of services that benefit them.

The key to that tailored, individual advice is effective management of the individual’s medication profile. That’s at the core of what we do well as pharmacists.

In this day and age of blurred professional boundaries, medication profile management is unequivocally the pharmacist’s domain. It’s also where we can add value with the many tools and services we have at our disposal to deliver tailored pharmaceutical care.

It is the veracity of the medication profile and its effective management that leads to real and valued clinical benefits for individuals, and the ability of aged care facilities to meet their accreditation requirements. We must do better at explaining what we do so that it is viewed as a valued and trusted service rather than a bolt-on transaction.

It all comes down to ensuring individuals receive and take their medication as prescribed by their doctor. That’s the problem we’re solving here and a big part of the solution is understanding the patient’s personal motivations.

Medication management is at the heart of the social contract pharmacists have with the community. We must recognise that every patient is an individual with a unique medication profile which needs regular and accurate updating.


Date: 16th - 17th October, 2018 

Venue: Novotel Hotel Paramatta

LASA National Congress

Date: 28th - 30th October, 2018

Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre 

Stand: Booth 115 & Pod 5 


Date: 18th - 20th November, 2018 

Venue: Hotel Grand Chancellor, TAS 

Stand: 5