MedsPro® Robot

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Boost business productivity with the MedsPro® Robot

  • Grow your business and profits

  • Reduce packing time

  • Improve accuracy

  • Optimise floor space

  • Easily operated,maintained and intuitive

  • Comprehensive Webstercare support throughout

The MedsPro Packing Robot was designed to help our pharmacy customers take their Webster-pak businesses to the next level in effectiveness and safety. Pharmacies that have already adopted the MedsPro Robot system have quickly realised significant gains in business efficiencies from their Webster-pak services.

While the MedsPro system offers your pharmacy’s Webster-pak business a significant boost in productivity and workplace efficiencies, Webstercare’s robotic application for MedsPro opens up a whole new world in improved productivity and efficiency.


Streamline your process

Implementing the MedsPro robot will streamline and restructure every step of the packing process, from dispensing, printing, stocking, packing and checking – all the steps are safeguarded.

Maximise your accuracy

Manage your Webster-pak work processes in fine detail, while maximising efficiencies, time management and, importantly, accuracy.

The Robot's barcode-driven system double-checks every step along the way until the finished Webster-pak leaves your pharmacy. In doing so, it keeps count of each patient's float of tablets and updates the system with accurate data as part of the process.

Optimise your floor space

The MedsPro Robot was developed to fit a footprint of less than one square metre. This offers our implementation team greater flexibility to tailor a work-flow design that best meets the space and process needs of your pharmacy, allowing you to grow your business without giving up valuable floor space. Our goal is to support your goal of maximising your MedsPro Robot investment and grow your Webster-pak business.

Save time

It doesn’t matter whether you pack Low Temp or cold-seal, multi-dose, Portion-pak or Unit Dose 7 systems because the MedsPro Robot will pack all Webster-pak systems safely and at high speed. This frees up your staff to focus their energies on building satisfied customers.

Make the decision

Contact Webstercare now to learn how the MedsPro Robot will make a real commercial and professional contribution to your Webster-pak business.

Webstercare's MedsPro Robot opens up a whole new world in improved productivity and efficiency.


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