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Clamshell-pak Day Out

The Clamshell-pak Day Out is a safe, hygienic pack for medication storage and dosing simplicity when people are out and about.

It has colour-coded storage compartments to identify breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime doses and contains only enough medication for one day.

The Clamshell-pak Day Out can be supplied to people within the community who often go out for lunch or day trips and who may not want to take their whole Webster-pak® pack with them. Using the Clamshell-pak Day Out, the patient themselves can take the medication dosage times that they need and leave the remainder of the medication securely within their Webster-pak.

Similarly, the Clamshell-pak Day Out is an ideal solution to supply to a residential aged care facility who has residents that go out to lunch or visiting friends or family for a day. The Clamshell-pak Day Out offers a secure way of storing their medication.

Clamshell-pak Day Out advantages:

  • Compact and portable

  • Colour-coded dosage times

  • Easy to open