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Webster-pak® Low Vision (LV)

Webster-pak® LV is a high contrast pack for people with low vision.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates 13.6% of the population aged 75 years and over suffer vision impairment.

In discussions with Vision Australia, (formerly the Royal Blind Society) it became apparent that it is easier for a person with low vision to make out white text against a black background. This led to the development of the Webster-pak LV (Low Vision).

 The use of a larger font size and ‘sentence case’ (first letter of the sentence capitalised, all others lower case) and the white on black contrast of the pack makes it easier for people with low vision to identify correct dosage times and comply with doctors’ prescriptions.

 The Webster-pak LV difference: 

  • Larger font and white text on a black background makes it easier to read.

  • Upper and lower (sentence) case text is proven to be easier for people to recognise words from their shape, and hence easier to identify the relevant day and dosage time.

  • Low vision labels can be attached to the top of an existing Webster-pak header card.

  • Utilises the standard ‘Blank’ Header Cards, printed through the Webstercare Medication Management Software.


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