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MMS - Professional Plus 

If you need to be at the forefront of medication management, to maintain your competitive edge, the Professional Plus software version has everything Webstercare® has to offer. 

This is our most comprehensive software package incorporating the full range of Webstercare packaging systems, comprehensive reports, medication charts and signing sheets plus many more important safety features.

Webstercare MMS - Professional Plus gives you some important features:

  • All Webstercare packaging systems

  • Link with 13 dispense programs to streamline your data entry – CDC, FRED, i.Pharmacy, LOTS, Merlin, MMex, MountainTop, Pharmacy Pro, Pharmaserve, Phillips, Toniq, Vista & Z

  • Event Reminder Program to record events and patient interviews

  • Checking sheets and reports for nursing homes and Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) meetings

  • Bar-coding to maintain audit trails for your packs

  • Computerised Medication Charts and Signing Sheets

  • Comprehensive range of drug information reports

  • Safety checks, drug interactions, allergy alerts and CMI's


For prompt telephone support, contact our Software Support Team on 1300 132 466.