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Pil-Bob®  Device

This seemingly simple device helps thousands of patients to take their medications safely and easily.

Designed to make removal of tablets from Webster-pak®  systems even easier, the patented Pil-Bob®  device is suitable for all patients using a Webster-pak, as well as carers assisting with the administration of medication.

The Pil-Bob device is small enough to hold comfortably in your hand while administering medication. It has received favourable ergonomic review.

To use, insert the tip of the Pil-Bob device into the blister compartment through the foil backing. Sweep it around the edge, allowing the medication to fall from the blister into the cup.

Pil-Bob Advantages:

  • Used specifically to remove cytotoxic medications from Webster-pak systems

  • Small and lightweight so it fits comfortably in your hand

  • Suitable for residential aged care staff, self-medicating residents or community patient users

  • Assists patients who suffer from poor eyesight, arthritis or have limited dexterity

  • Made of durable plastic so it is easy to clean

  • Centre tip with cup design prevents spillage of tablets

  • Comes with OH&S instructions to ensure correct use

The Pil-Bob device is a simple and effective way to add value for your patients, and is becoming increasingly popular with patients and carers.

Pil-Bob® device also available in pink. 

Pil-Bob Instructions Pil-Bob Instructions