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Lightweight, convenient and portable, the Portion-pak® system offers all the safety features of Unit Dose 7® Webstersystem®, with the convenience of a Multi Dose system.

Provided in strips of seven blisters, nurses remove each Portion-pak dose before the medication round and put it in a carry tray. The lidding is then peeled back along the micro-perforation lines. 

Resident photo identification and medication information is always attached to the blister - right up to the point of administration. This clear labelling reduces confusion and the potential for a medication error.

The Portion-pak advantage:

  • Resident colour photo ID remains with the medication right up to administration.

  • Only carry the doses for the current medication round.

  • Also serves as a medication cup and can accommodate crushing.

Portion-pak blisters have the largest blister capacity in Webstercare’s range and are designed to work as a medication cup. It accommodates tablet crushing and puree can be added to the Portion-pak blister.

It is easy for pharmacies to prepare and the blister can hold a large number of tablets and capsules, often with less packs per person.


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