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Webster-pak® 28

The Webster-pak 28 system is a convenient, disposable alternative for community customers. The robust cardboard frame provides integrity to the pack whilst providing the convenience of being able to discard it once completed. This makes it ideal for customers, such as those going into respite, who may not to be able to return folders to the pharmacy.

Webster-pak 28 can be prepared using a cold seal pressure adhesive, or the LowTemp foil for when changes are required.

The patient information and medication profile is printed through the Webstercare Medication Management Software (MMS).

Webster-pak® 28 comes with many advantage

  • Available in a LowTemp or cold seal option
  • Convenient and disposable packaging made from robust board
  • Hassle free label printing
  • Recognisable Webster-pak design, signifying over 30 years of design and refinement
  • Unique Webster-pak groove enables the pack to be hung on a fridge using the Webstercare Magnet
  • Preprinted indicators assist with correct label placement
  • Compatible with Webstercare robot
  • Patented Concertina cut out design around each blister caters for airflow assisting easy removal of tablets

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