Webstercare offers a proven track record in medication compliance

A recent study demonstrated that Webster-pak® helped improve medication management and compliance from 64% to 91% even after six months. Significantly, this data is taken from one of the most challenging health groups of all: mental health patients. Webstercare Systems are universally known and respected for their ability to increase and maintain patient compliance.

References: 1. Managing medications made easier. VA Research Today. 2010 (Spring): 54-57. 2. Valenstein et al. Using A Pharmacy-Based Intervention To Improve Antipsychotic Adherence Among Patients With Serious Mental Illness. Schizophrenia Bulletin 2009:8-9.

Give patients and carers peace of mind with medication 

Webster-pak® is a safe, simple and effictive way for patients in the community and residents of aged care facilites to manage their medication. Tablets and capsules are packed into blisters within a Webster-pak according to dose times and days of the week. This is a simple way for GPs to ensure that patients are taking their medication on time and as prescribed:

  • monitor progress more effectively;

  • observe adherance to dose times;

  • minimise adverse incidents.


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