The MedsPro®  System

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For improved productivity, streamlined procedures and enhanced safety


“If there’s one thing I can provide that will have the greatest impact on your productivity, space and bottom line, it’s MedsPro”

Gerard Stevens AM, Managing Director, Webstercare® 


The MedsPro® System Revolution

In today’s increasingly challenging commercial environment, adopting the MedsPro® system may be your pharmacy’s easiest and most effective decision.

The MedsPro system uses specialised Webstercare software including barcode scanner, and an optional robot component that can even further accelerate improvements to your productivity and efficiency.

Streamline your process 

MedsPro allows your pharmacy to grow its Webster-pak® business while reducing the workload. Implementing the MedsPro system means streamlining and structuring the packing process. Every step - from dispensing, printing, stocking, packing and checking - is safeguarded.

Improve your accuracy

MedsPro allows you to manage all your Webster-pak processes down to the finest detail, while maximising efficiencies, time management and accuracy. The barcode-driven system will double-check every step along the way to the finished Webster-pak that leaves your pharmacy.

From scanning the barcode of every drug before packing the correct amount of medication into the designated blister, to keep count of each patient's float of tablets, and updating the system with accurate data, all facets of the Webster-pak business are supported and tracked.

Optimise your floor space

We understand that floor space is extremely valuable to your business and individual boxes or bags for each patient can get in the way. Adopting the MedsPro system allows you to tailor a design specific to the Webster-pak space needs of your pharmacy.

This means you can grow your business without increasing the required floor space. 

But you don't have to do it yourself. The MedsPro support team is available to answer all your questions and provide you with feedback based on experience, making sure you get the most out of your investment. 

Save time

Whether you are packing heat-seal or cold-seal, multi-dose, Portion-pak® or Unit Dose 7® Webstersystem®, the MedsPro system allows you to pack all Webstercare systems safely and efficiently. 

The increased efficiencies and improved productivity will help free your staff to focus more on better servicing your existing customers and attracting new customers to your high quality, safe and accurate Webster-pak service and help them to better manage their medicines.

Boost business productivity with the MedsPro® Robot

While the MedsPro system offers your pharmacy's Webster-pak business a significant boost in productivity and workplace efficiencies, Webstercare's robotic application for MedsPro opens up a whole new world in improved productivity and efficiency.

The robot advantage

The MedsPro packing robot was designed by Webstercare to help our pharmacy customers take their Webster-pak business to the next level in effectiveness and safety when managing medication for many customers or aged care facility residents.

Webstercare customers who have already adopted the MedsPro system with the robot have quickly realised significant business efficiencies and productivity gains for their Webster-pak business, over and above those achieved from using the MedsPro system alone.

Streamline your process 

Implementing the MedsPro Robot will streamline and restructure every step of the packing process, from dispensing, printing, stocking, packing and checking - all the steps are safeguarded.

Maximise your accuracy 

The MedsPro Robot enables you to manage your Webster-pak work processes in fine detail and maximise efficiencies, time management and accuracy. The barcode-driven system double checks every step along the way until the finished Webster-pak leaves your pharmacy.

The robot will scan the barcodes of every drug before accurately packing the correct amount of tablets of the required drug into the designated blister. In doing so it keeps count of each patient's float of tablets and updates the system with accurate data as part of the process.

Optimise your floor space 

Floor space is extremely valuable to every busy pharmacy so the MedsPro robot was developed to fit a foot print of less than one square metre. This gives our implementation team greater flexibility to tailor a work-flow design that best meets the space and process needs of your pharmacy, allowing you to grow your business without giving up valuable floor space.

Ask us for support

Contact us now to learn how the MedsPro system will make a real contribution to your pharmacy's Webster-pak business. In using the MedsPro system Webstercare can help you grow the number of satisfied customers who regularly rely on your Webster-pak service.

As with all Webstercare customers, the MedsPro system is backed by extensive customer service and support, from installation through to ongoing support via our call centre or website. Our goal is to support your goal of maximising your MedsPro investment and grow your Webster-pak business.

Click here to contact our MedsPro Team or call 1800 244 358 to find out more