Martin Phillips Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. X were devastated. Mr. X (the carer) had a severe stroke and was rushed to Sydney. The dependant spouse’s independence was saved by Webster-pak that is delivered safely to her door every week, keeping her independent in her own home.

Trafalgar Pharmacy

Webster-pak solved a big problem for a customer of mine who travelled interstate on business. He would occasionally find himself short on one or more of his tablets, requiring him to find a doctor and a pharmacist. Not only did using a Webster-pak stop him running out of tablets, it saved him time and bag space. He moved interstate, yet wanted to continue to use me to make his Webster-paks. That was a great compliment.

Braybrooks Pharmacy

We have an increasing number of couples who received Webster’s and one customer asked if his wives Webster could be in a different colour plastic folder. So we now make the husband's pack in blue and the wives in pink as a matter of course. Now confusion is eliminated.

Miller Gilbert Pharmacy

A 90 year old lady who recently became a widow was determined to stay active and independent. Despite repeated efforts from the close relatives and doctor, her health went down hill rapidly. A conference between the pharmacist, the family doctor and the relatives resulted to a decision to provide a home delivery of Webster-paks on a weekly basis. The pharmacy staff also uses the opportunity to ensure her compliance and report any concerns of her well being during each visit. We now have a lot of healthy and happy people in her family.

Deniliquin Pharmacy

One patient started having dizzy spells and passing out before starting Webster; this culminated in him passing out while driving. The reason was because he was taking 4 tablets for blood pressure, but his compliance had been so poor, that his doctor thought he had a very resistant type of hypertension (hence 4 meds). Once on the Webster-pak his compliance improved markedly.

Watsonia Pharmacy

Mr. X was recently introduced to Webster multidose system. He is an elderly gentleman confused with medication. INR reached 6.1 because he was unable to properly control his warfarin dose. This was very quickly stabilised to 2.4 INR and he is now on a stable dose. There is much less confusion now and safer use of medication has been established.

Harnett & George Chemist

I am a consultant pharmacist who regularly performs Home Medicine reviews in our local elderly community. Local Doctors are very interested to know if their patients are taking their medications correctly. Webster-pak assists patients who have difficulty managing multiple medications and eliminate the difficulties of opening bottles. They clearly show if a dose has been taken or not. I always carry an example to highlight the benefits to patients, and have seen many improvements in compliance and ultimately, health outcomes.

Jenni Jackson's Guyra

An elderly customer with Parkinson was taking 6 different medications and was wanting to go overseas for 16 weeks with her friend, but decided she couldn’t possibly with all her medication as she would have to take an extra case just for bottles of medication. The friend approached me with the problem which was resolved by offering to do the Webster paks for the 16 weeks she would be away. The customer was very happy and sent us several postcards saying she would never have managed her medication while away without the Webster-pak.

Harnett & George Chemist

Mrs D H, a customer of this pharmacy for the past 40 years and on quite a substantial quantity of medication for various ailments, found it extremely difficult to keep up with all the changes in her medication e.g. Less expensive brands, different drug names printed on labels to what the ...... eg. Lipex-Zimstat. Mrs H became totally confused and on a few occasions, doubled up on medication and became ill. Because of Mrs H's age, she found it difficult to grasp and comprehend any changes made by her doctor and would become quite anxious and confused. The pharmacist recommended the Webster-pak system to her and it has become an absolute "Godsend" to her. It has taken the worry out of when and what medication to take. Any changes to her medication made by the doctor are immediately updated with the girls in the Webster room. So Mrs H confidently calls in to collect her new Webster-paks each fortnight.

Albany Creek AMCAL

Two of my customers come to mind. The first has moderate - severe Alzheimer’s and would never remember to take her medications if they were not packed in a Webster-pak. The DAA has enabled her to live at home and stay out of the nursing home setting. The second is a mental health patient with a history of overdose. She previously spent 6 months in a psych ward in a hospital due to overdose. Now we pack her 2 x DAAs per week so that she can never have too much medication around her home. We do this in consultation with her psychiatrist, GP and O.T. and it basically saved her life.

Narooma Plaza Pharmacy

We were being asked to supply a lot of Panamax by one of our elderly customers at a nursing home. Our HMR pharmacist and ourselves were concerned. I phoned the dear old lady in question who admitted that she was taking up to 30 a day "because her doctor said it was OK!" I told her that 8 Panamax a day was the maximum daily safe dose and alerted the nursing staff who confiscated "her version of a webster". Needless to say we have organised a proper Webster-pak for her and she is now on Panadol Extend on a dose of 2 tds - a much safer dose don't you think! Thank you Webster Care for such a great product!

John Manny SP Chemist

An elderly lady's family brought in her medication to me because she had been unable to cope with her warfarin dose, became unwell and required institutionalisation for respite care till they could stabilise her. We packed her meds for respite care and after a period of stabilisation, she was released back to her home. We continued to Webster-pak her meds after discharge and she has remained successfully at home since!