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Leaders in Medication Management

Webstercare is Australia’s leading medication management solutions provider. For over 40 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the pharmacy, aged care and community sectors, from introducing the world’s first Webster-pak® Multi Dose medication pack to our award-winning automation and software solutions.

Founded by renowned pharmacist and inventor Gerard Stevens AM, Webstercare offers more than 600 products and solutions designed to support families, carers, pharmacists, nurses and aged care staff when it comes to managing medications safely, easily and efficiently.

With over 70 patents, from the iconic Webster-pak range, to the much-loved Pil-Bob® device and MedsPro® packing automation systems, you’ll be sure to get only the best with Webstercare. We are proud to be fully Australian owned and operated, placing our customers at the heart of everything we do.


Webster-pak® Solutions


Featured Products

  • Webster-pak® 28 (Disposable)

    The Webster-pak 28 medication pack is a convenient, disposable alternative for community customers. The robust cardboard frame provides integrity to the pack whilst providing the convenience of being able to discard it once completed.

  • Unit Dose 7® for Aged Care

    Designed to be the safest and most compliant medication pack for residential aged care facilities, the Unit Dose 7® Webstersystem offers accountability, efficiency and compliance every step of the way – ensuring the best resident care possible.

News & Events

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July 30, 2020
Unit Dose 7 Flat Lay

Why A Unit Dose Medication System is Right for Your Facility

Discover the gold standard of medication packs. Unit Dose 7® ensures accurate, adaptive, compliant and accountable medication administration.
July 7, 2020
Woman reading Essential Reports

The 5 Essential Reports Your Facility Must Have

Empower your staff to improve quality of care with data. Learn more about our clinical and management reporting options.
May 20, 2020

Why Quality Costs Less: Optimising Your Packing Process

Applying the 'Kaizen' principle ensures continuous quality improvement. Learn how to achieve more productive and cost-efficient output from your packing processes.
May 13, 2020

A message from Gerard Stevens AM

From Gerard and the entire team of Webstercare, we want to thank all those community pharmacies offering home delivery services.


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What our Customers Say

  • James Tanner, Director of Care

    St Marys Aged Care

    The support you get from Webstercare has been fantastic.
  • Samantha Kourtis

    Capital Chemist Charnwood, ACT

    The Webster-pak® Interim is suitable as a travel pack for patients going away for a few days and don't want to take a whole week. It can also be used to kick start an antibiotic pack for residents in group homes. They have completely improved our ability to action these packs quickly and easily when we don't have our full team on deck or are time poor.
  • John Dolton

    Pharmacist Warnervale NSW

    I showed the PocketProfile to a surgeon in the medical centre next to my pharmacy and he immediately said he would insist that every one of his patients has one of these.
  • Janis

    Facebook Community

    The Pil-bob is a fantastic invention! Has helped so many people, hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Natalie Eslick, Manager

    Long Jetty Pharmacy, NSW

    We love MMS, and are heavily reliant on it and all the utilities and reports.
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