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Webstercare® offers an extensive selection of resources that were developed to keep you informed of what's new and how we can help you grow your pharmacy’s Webster-pak® services. The following resources include aged care newsletters, pharmacy newsletters and continuing education.

Aged Care News

March 2021 (3)

Connect News May 2021

This issue connects you with some exciting new technology innovations which stand to make a remarkable difference to the way you work.

Connect News March 2021

Our first issue of 'Connect' explores solutions for managing risk with confidence, delirium and anticholinergic drug burden, reducing falls and some questionable humour!
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A synergy of education, entertainment and encouragement, with a sprinkle of bad ‘dad jokes’!

Pharmacy News

March 2021 (4)

Quick 6 - June 2021

APP Wrap - Our best year yet! In this issue of Quick 6, we’re featuring our ‘smallest’ crowd favourites with the ‘biggest’ impact.
Issue 3 May 2021

Quick 6 - May 2021

In our latest issue say goodbye to owing scripts, learn about our reporting tools and see why MedsPro is more affordable than ever. We also get excited as APP approaches!
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6 big ideas in 6 minutes, helping you save hours of valuable time and support business growth.