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Webstercare offers an extensive selection of resources that were developed to keep you informed of what's new and how we can help you grow your pharmacy’s Webster-pak® services. The following resources include aged care newsletters, pharmacy newsletters and continuing education.

Continuing Education

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May 2024 - Obstructive sleep apnoea

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a common breathing disorder in sleep usually caused by repetitive upper airway obstruction.
Continuing Education April 2024

April 2024 - Overactive bladder

Overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) is characterised by the increased frequency of the urge to urinate during the day or night, with or without urinary incontinence.
Continuing Education Resources Archive
March 2024 Rhinosinusitis
February 2024 Asthma and Sleep
February 2024 Asthma and Sleep
January 2024 Heat-Related Illness
December 2023 Proton Pump Inhibitors
November 2023 Diabetes and Sleep Disorders
October 2023 Breathlessness in Older Adults
September 2023 Stroke
August 2023 Nebulisers and Spacers
July 2023 Dry Eye Disease
June 2023 Drugs and Dry Mouth
May 2023 Macular Degeneration
April 2023 Long COVID
March 2023 Sarcopenia and Frailty
February 2023 Opioid-Induced Constipation
January 2023 Vertigo
December 2022 Vitamin B12
November 2022 Frailty
October 2022 Acute and Chronic Bronchitis
September 2022 Peripheral Oedema
August 2022 Polypharmacy and prescribing cascades
July 2022 Benzodiazepines and Risk of Dimentia
June 2022 Calcium Supplements
May 2022 Incontinence Associated Dermatitis
April 2022 Osteoporosis in Men
March 2022 Oral Corticosteroids
February 2022 Polypharmacy & Falls
January 2022 Fatigue
December 2021 Topical Estrogen
November 2021 Bronchiectasis
October 2021 Iron Deficiency
September 2021 Medication Related Constipation
August 2021 Unplanned Weight Loss
July 2021 Breathlessness in COPD
June 2021 Mirtazapine and Sleep
May 2021 - Benzodiazepines & Dementia
April 2021 - Chronic Cough
March 2021 - Opioids for Older Persons
February 2021 - Delirium and Anticholinergic Drug Burden
January 2021 - Anticoagulants in Frail Older People
December 2020 - Treatment of high blood pressure
November 2020 - Medicine Complexity
October 2020 - Glaucoma
September 2020 - Recurrent UTIs
August 2020 - UTIs in men
July 2020 - Urinary Tract Infections
June 2020 - Asymptomatic Bacteriuria
May 2020 - Risperidone
April 2020 - Faecal Incontinence
March 2020 - Antipsychotics & Benzodiazepines
February 2020 - Unintentional Weight Loss
January 2020 - Antipsychotic Medication Side Effects
December 2019 - Anxiety and depression
November 2019 - Side effects of Antipsychotics
October 2019 - Bronchiectasis
September 2019 - Bisphosphonates
August 2019 - Diabetes in Older Adults
July 2019 - Medicines & Dry Mouth
June 2019 - Antidepressants in Older People
May 2019 - SABA Overuse
April 2019 - Deprescribing Cholinesterase Inhibitors
March 2019 - Managing Insomnia
February 2019 - Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteroporosis
January 2019 - Pneumococcal Vaccine

Aged Care News

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Connect News June 2022

This issue connects you with psychotropic drugs and their associated risks on the ageing brain. Exploring alternatives to psychotropics can be a fresh approach for safer dementia care.
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Connect News January 2022

This issue connects you with QI Cloud Reporting, how it can increase accuracy, safety, and save valuable time, contributing to the highest quality of care for your residents.
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Pharmacy News

Quick 6 December

Quick 6 - December 2023

Christmas is coming! Take advantage of the Medication Deliveries Log in MMS, iCHECK, Pocket Profile, Webster-pak Interim and more.
October Quick 6

Quick 6 - October 2023

Did you know there are options to outsource your packing to a Webster-pak network partner and get support when you need it most? Learn more about PakAssist today.
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