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Webster-pak offers a proven track record of 91% medication compliance*


Give patients and carers peace of mind with medication®

“One in two older people fail to take their medications as prescribed, meaning they don't get the life saving benefits from them or suffer unnecessary side effects. And all this is easily preventable.“ - Gerard Stevens AM, Pharmacist, Managing Director Webstercare
With Webstercare packs and charting systems you can: Monitor progress more effectively; Observe adherence to dose times; Minimise adverse incidents. Webster-pak® helped improve medication management and compliance from 64% to 91%.*

*Reference: 1. Managing medications made easier. VA Research Today. 2010 (Spring): 54-57. 2. Valenstein et al. Using A Pharmacy-Based Intervention To Improve Antipsychotic Adherence Among Patients With Serious Mental Illness. Schizophrenia Bulletin 2009:8-9

Are You eNRMC Ready?

Electronic National Residential Medication Charts (eNRMC) systems are the future of medication management, offering a range of opportunities to further enhance medication safety across aged care facilities, pharmacies and for prescribers. MedCare™ is a game changer, connecting the entire medication care team with cloud-based, centralised medication profiles and seamless communication.

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May 21, 2024

Delirium and Anticholinergic Drug Burden in Elderly Care

Managing Insomnia in Elderly Care: Effective Strategies and Treatments Delirium is a prevalent and severe complication among older adults in residential aged care settings, characterised by […]
September 13, 2023

Supporting Loved Ones Affected by Alzheimer’s

With over 575,000 people estimated to be blind or vision impaired in Australia, and over 70 percent of them aged 65 or older, there is a pressing need for accessible tools to assist in daily tasks. Among challenges faced by this population, medication management can be particularly daunting.
May 25, 2023

Gerard Stevens AM on the Webster-pak LV – Southern FM Radio

Recently, Gerard Stevens AM had the opportunity to discuss the development of Webster-pak LV and shed light on how this innovative solution can bring positive changes. Listen to his insightful conversation with Gaytana from Radio 88.3 as they explore the importance of accessibility in medication management.
May 23, 2023

Aged Health Magazine – May 2023

Increased use of electronic medication charts in aged care facilities could transform outcomes for the elderly, improving prescribing and management of medication and reducing harm.