Quality Statement

Webstercare is the leading manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive medication management solutions to pharmacists, aged care, community, and other healthcare organisations;

“Webstercare has a unique position offering to the consumer. No other company is able to offer the complete range of products, software, solutions, and the know-how that Webstercare can. Our strength comes from the breadth of solutions and the way we support our customers.”

Wesbtercare provides the structure, leadership, and resources to drive innovation and design of high quality products which enhance the customers experience;

“Webstercare uses risk based thinking and the multidisciplinary skill of its teams to translate user need into the design of sophisticated products and services which are simple and intuitive to use.”

Webstercare’s focus is to understand our customers and to “walk in their shoes”, whilst treating each customer with honesty. fairness and integrity;

“We want to deliver a consistent level of service which enhances our customer’s experience by making our best effort to understand and appreciate the customer’s needs in every situation – ‘walk in their shoes’. Our implementation, training and support processes are designed to achieve proposed expectations in turn maximising customer retention.”

Webstercare builds a culture to support team members to achieve excellence in their work whilst enjoying what they do;

“Our expectation is for all team member to take self-responsibility for their contribution to effective team performances by sharing information, knowledge, and skills, and to enjoy what they do. Our strength come from supporting each other.”

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