Reporting designed to improve clinical outcomes.


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Improving quality of care with data.

As healthcare professionals, our #1 objective is to provide the best care possible to our residents. With modern technology, facilities are now becoming smarter with their data. With the right tools, directors, nurses and carers can leverage insights and predictive analytics to improve accuracy, decision making, risk identification, and prevent health incidents from occurring.

Value Add Service
Practical and easy way of producing vital reports for RACFs based on existing data within MMS.
Ongoing Patient Intervention
Proactively supplying reports places the pharmacist at the heart of the resident’s care team.
Prevent health incidents
The reports provide objective and clinical evidence along nurses to gain a better understanding of a resident's heath.
Benchmarking Abilities
Facilities can easily analyse psychotropic drug usage for benchmarking, cross incident correlations and/or quality improvements.
Here are a few ways the right data and report can help you improve clinical outcomes:

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