Medication Pack

Worry less with a Webster-pak® medication pack.


Webster-pak® Medication packs

The Webster-pak® helps those taking medication to take the right dose at the right time and manage complex medication regimes. This means you can spend your time understanding your customers wants and needs whilst ensuring your medication packs are in safe trusted hands.

Emergency Saviour
Provides an individual’s complete medication profile – critical in an emergency.
Safe & Reliable
Prepared by the pharmacy to ensure the right dose is taken at the right time. See at a glance whether or not medication has been taken.
Individually Tailored
Each pack is personalised and coloured folders highlight special medication considerations. Low Vision packs and packs in Multiple Languages are available.
Simple & Convenient
Clearly arranges medicines for the week, with seven rows to represent seven days, and four columns for each dosage time of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime).

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“Right Medication, Right Dose, at the Right Time” has Never Been so Assured

Stepping into the new age of electronic medication management with Webstercare MedCare®. Your eNRMC solution.