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Webster-pak® 28 (Disposable)

The Webster-pak 28 medication pack is a convenient, disposable alternative for community customers.

The Webster-pak® 28 medication pack is a convenient, disposable alternative for community customers. The robust cardboard frame provides integrity to the pack whilst providing the convenience of being able to discard it once completed.

Webster-pak® 28 can be prepared using:

  • Cold Seal Foil
  • Clear Cold Seal– NEW!
  • LowTemp™ Foil

Please note: Only clear Cold Seal & LowTemp™ Foil can be purchased as a bundle.

Webster-pak® 28 contains pre-inserted blisters, foils and labels – which will help to take the thought out of your ordering process.

The patient information and medication profile can simply be printed through the Webster-pak® Medication Management Software (MMS).

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Webster-pak® Community

Our Webster-pak® Community Multi-Dose pack is the perfect solution for individuals who take multiple medications, to ensure they take the right dose at the right time – with no fuss!

Great for those managing complex regimes or for individuals who simply want to save time, stress and have peace of mind when it comes to medication.

For carers, pharmacies and healthcare professionals, Webster-pak® medication packs will help improve medication adherence and safety in a way that will help your patients feel at ease. Pills are safely and securely sealed within each blister compartment of the medication pack, based on the prescribed dosage time.

Make life simpler, easier, more convenient and safer when it comes to medication – there’s a Webster-pak® for everyone!

First language not English? No problem. Webstercare has Multi-Lingual Packs available in 21 different languages, with the days of the week and dosage times listed in your customer’s native language.

Coloured Webster-pak® folders can be used to distinguish different types of medications or dosage schedules. We also offer Low Vision Packs and Cytotoxic Support Products.

Webstercare has just launched the first-ever Parkinson’s 6 Dose Webster-pak®. Click here to read more! 

Webster-pak® Interim

The Webster-pak® Interim is a cold seal disposable pack offering patients a briefer supply of medications to a maximum of four days.

It’s also a great way to trial customers on a pack without committing to a full weeks worth!

Who can benefit from a Webster-pak® Interim pack?

The Interim pack was initially designed for ‘Hospital Discharge’ patients, to allow for the continuous supply of medication, however can be used in any situation where a shorter supply of medication is required. This may include:

  • School Camp
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Doctor Emergency Supply
  • Social Leave
  • Respite
  • Prison/Court
  • Long weekend trips away

Webster-pak® 6 Dose (Parkinson’s)

Webster-pak® 6 Dose (Parkinson’s) Wins Good Design Award Accolade in Australia’s International Good Design Awards


6 Doses in one convenient pack!

Newest to our Parkinson’s medication pack range is the Parkinson’s 6 Dose Webster-pak® – designed to accommodate all Parkinson’s medication in one convenient, disposable pack.

Anyone living with Parkinson’s will tell you that it challenges daily life – especially when medications are not taken on time!

Any delay in taking or having the medication administered can cause a patient to enter an ‘off phase’, and become rigid, slow and unable to move. For a patient to transition back into the ‘on phase’ additional medication is required.

This medication pack was developed in partnership with Parkinson’s NSW, our Parkinson’s medication packs have been designed with a distinctive fuchsia colour to highlight the importance of taking Parkinson’s medication on time, every time.

New Webster-pak® Product Launch!

Webstercare is proud to announce it has launched the first-ever Parkinson’s 6 Dose Webster-Pak®.

Webster-pak® Low Vision

For those living with any visual impairment, reading medication labels can be challenging and lead to medications being taken incorrectly. According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, 85% of people find it difficult to read these labels. 

Our Webster-pak® LV has been designed in consultation with Vision Australia to help your vision impaired customers, to have the confidence to safely take their medications every time – as prescribed by their doctor. 

Webster-pak options for Multi Dose, Parkinson’sMulti Lingual and Cytotoxic medications are also available.  

Did you know?

The Webster-pak Low Vision medicatiopack has specific Low Vision Folder labels with white text on a black label available. 

View the Webster-pak Low Vision Brochure to learn more.

Webster-pak Low Vision Brochure